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Chest of drawers

Victoria compactum picture

  • Beautiful large compactum comes with deep spacious drawers on heavy duty runners.
  • Pine /MDF construction, spray painted with lead free child friendly …

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Ellen compactum picture

  • 1100wx1000hx600d
  • Top seller in nursery category.

Meet our most loved compactum, very spacious to accommodate most of your little one's goodies. The dra…

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Lorraine compactum picture


Maximise your storage space with this unique compactum, comes with four long drawers. This compactum is a perfect storage option for any room!

3+3 chest of drawers with round legs picture


Like to organise your room and keep things in order? This compactum will ease the job for you! It's 6 spacious drawers allows you to …

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2+3 chest of drawers (flat base) picture

  • 1100wx1000hx500d
  • MDF/ Pine construction

Looking for a chest of drawers simple but neat? This one could be your ideal option.

Can be painted all white or…

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Vintage compactum picture

  • 1200wx1000hx600d

Not a fun of colours and looking for something different or vintage? Well check out this rare compactum! This large compactum comes w…

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Carol compactum picture

  • 1200w900hx600d

Beautiful spacious compactum, spray painted white inside out.

Drawers comes on heavy duty runners. 


Sarah 4+2 chest of drawers picture

  • 1200wx1000hx600d
  • Pine/MDF construction, drawers on runners 

Mini ellen compactum picture

  • 1200wx850hx600d
  • MDF/ pine construction


Mini 3 draw compactum picture

  • 900wx850hx600d
  • MDF/Pine construction

3 draw square compactum picture

  • 910wx910hx520d

Medium sized compactum perfect for a small nursery that has limited space. 


Joana compactum picture

  • 1000hx700wx450d
  • Made of super wood and a bit of pine for the varnished drawer front.
  • Great storage option for any room. Can be customised to suit your needs.

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