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Toy box /storage units

8 Division toy box with 4 crates picture

This is our TOP seller in storage category!

Organise those messy rooms with this handy toy box, ideal for keeping toys, books, shoes etc.

  • MDF/Pine cons…
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6 Division storage bench picture

  • 1000wx650hx400d
  • MDF / Pine construction

8 Division storage bench picture

  • 1400wx650x400d
  • MDF/Pine construction

4  Division storage bench picture

  • 1600wx450hx400d
  • MDF/pine construction.

Storage drawer on wheels picture

  • 960wx910dx250h
  • Pine /MDF construction.

This storage drawer comes on wheels and it is perfect for keeping linen, shoes, toys and anything that you need …

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Crate picture

MDF construction, made in pine if ordered raw or varnished.


Can be custom made to fit your existing unit. 

6 Division toy box with 4 crates picture

  • 1200hx800wx400d
  • Supawood construction, spray painted. Crates are not on runners.

A perfect storage unit for a study/playroom

4 Division toy box with 4 crates picture


Having limited space in your room and need a storage solution for toys and other stuff, this toy box is ideal for you! Can also be customised to fit your space.

4 Division toy box with 2 crates picture


MDF / Pine construction 

Tall boy - 5 draw picture

  • 900hx450wx400d
  • Made of supawood with pine base.
  • Can be customised to suit your needs.

Elliot 6 division toy box picture

Supawood construction.

  • 1500wx800x500d
  • Drawers /crates on runners
Chris Cubby picture

MDF construction 

  • 600wx400dx2000h
  • Can be customised.
  • Unit will be made in pine if ordered in varnish or raw.
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